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Meet Jack

Finds any information or document
hidden in your servers in seconds.


Meet Monica

Handles all customer queries,
transcribes audio recordings and summarizes them.


Meet Jeff

Creates e-mails, presentations, blog posts,
marketing campaigns and a lot more.



to a world where you can hire a virtual employee who will help you and your employees work faster and more efficiently – we offer AI solutions for all sorts of business needs. Discover what you can achieve with Azure Open AI.

Chat with your data.

Increase the efficiency of your employees allowing them to easily access knowledge hidden in your internal documents. A GenAI “Chat with your data” solution empowers employees to retrieve and utilize information from their company’s internal documents and databases. Reduce time spent searching for information.

Content creation.

Streamline the content generation process across various formats using Azure OpenAl. Empower your employees to produce initial drafts of emails, presentations, blog posts, and other marketing materials with minimal input. Craft personalized content that increases engagement and conversion rates, while also ensuring brand consistency across all outputs.

Customer support automation.

Free up time of your employees to focus on more complex issues with a GenAl customer support automation solution. It employs advanced Al to interpret and resolve common customer inquiries autonomously. Transcribe customer interactions from various channels like phone calls or live chats in real time, providing immediate, context-aware support.

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